MTV Video Music Awards

2012 MTV Video Music Awards

MTV Music Awards is one of the network’s biggest event of the year where there are many moving gears and teams working to make this┬ácoveted award ceremony happen.

I redesigned and integrated the All Access Live Experience – camera selection in the overall page while balancing aesthetic, function and meeting business goals. In addition to ensuring information hierarchy and ease of use, one of the challenges of this project was the moving target of where the VMAs will be hosted. I needed to come up with a solution on how to present the information to at-home users as well as people that are familiar with the venue and delivering the design to the developers to have time to push this into production.

Working on the VMAs involved working with product development, producers and development team. The skills involved were: art direction, visual design, mobile design, user experience, interactive design, and quality assurance.


MTV Video Music Awards